Destroy the hive! In Coloroid, you play as a small robot with an unstable power. Find your Weapon Cores to gain new abilities, then take on the remaining monsters and find an exit!

How to play:

In Coloroid, your dodge roll will switch your active weapon. Embrace uncertainty and make best use of the weapons you have! And if you see a glowing enemy, shooting with the same color for extra damage!

Plays best with a game controller!

  • Movement - arrow keys, or left analog
  • Jump - space, or Xbox A
  • Roll - Keyboard X, or Xbox B
  • Fire - Keyboard Z, or Xbox X
  • Restart level (if stuck) - R
  • Toggle fullscreen / windowed - F11
  • Esc to exit

Note: I'd recommend downloading a desktop version, as it performs a bit more smoothly than the browser version.

Made solo for the GMTK Game Jam 2022, which had the theme "Roll of the Dice".


Thank you for playing! ❤️


Download 21 MB
Download 21 MB
Download 38 MB
Download 25 MB


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Not bad, I like the music and the enemy and player animations. However the level design is a bit too maze-like imho, could be use some different tiles.

Also, the impact of the different weapons on enemies wasn't distinct enough to notice the first time playing. Maybe insta-kill same-colored enemies? Or maybe the player could absorb the same colored bullets for energy or something(?).

Yep, agreed on all fronts. :) I had a couple of extra ideas on how to make the multiple weapons more distinct, including different effects and affinities, as well as mechanics to encourage the player to “use what you roll” for a bit before being able to switch weapons, or making weapon switches more strategic (like switching to a color by rolling through an enemy bullet of the same color, etc) - but unfortunately ran out of time during the jam.

Thanks for playing!