Transience is a top-down action RPG that follows the player, a transient being of unknown origin that has a form of localized time-travel.


  • Arrow keys to move
  • 'X' to attack
  • 'Z' to use "throwback"

Code is available at:

Developed for the 2017 Github Game Off. (NOTE: I uploaded a build for Mac, with no other changes, during the 48-hour late submission period per Lee's recommendation here)


transience.exe (Windows 64-bit) 38 MB
transience (Linux 64-bit) 48 MB
Download (Mac OSX) 39 MB

Install instructions

Windows: run transience.exe

Linux: run the downloaded binary (`transience`)

Mac OSX: unzip the zip file and run (untested)

Web: open the web page, and click "Fullscreen" :)


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Really fun game, great job on the animation and camera work. One bug :  my character gets stuck after pressing X a couple of times.